Give me all the colors!

Give me all the colors!

When you find a random colored wall that happens to compliment your outfit perfectly you take advantage of that moment, okay! LOL

So what came first, the outfit or the wall? I always pick out my outfit first and then wait to randomly discover new locations that compliment the fit. I’m so glad we came across this dope yellow wall in the Arts District. I feel like the wall really brought the colors in the outfit together and made it pop.

Now let’s get into the fit. My shirt and pants are from ASOS but I thrifted the shirt from Buffalo Exchange. It’s lightweight and I love the color. I need more red shirts in my life because yesss. I also decided to leave my binder at home and let the chest breathe again. It was a hot day so the babies appreciated the extra breeze! HAHA!


When I chose this look I found the shirt first and tried to think of colors that could compliment it. I didn’t want to choose an expected color for the pants. A dark color would’ve been too simple and took boring. Once I came across these green pants I knew I had to have them and they would work perfectly with the red shirt. I’m glad I didn’t wear a dark shoe for this look because the yellow wall would not have worked with my creme Buffalo London’s. Also, the pants are super stretchy, I felt like I was wearing leggings. If you want a fancy, polished look but still want to be comfortable at the same time you should definitely buy these.

What’s your favorite thing about this look? Drop your comments below :)