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Lime Green!

Stray Daze1 Comment
Lime Green!

Lime Green!!

Okay so here’s a color I’ve never worn in my life, lime green! I was browsing on ASOS as usual and I came across this lime green button down and I knew right away I wanted it! I wasn’t sure whether or not it would turn into a look but I gave it a shot and I’m really feeling it!

I’m making it a point to wear things that I wouldn’t normally wear. Go check out my first blog post and have a look. The person who I was then would have NEVER worn this. Let’s also have a round of applause for the style evolution though LOL! There’s nothing wrong with the way I used to dress but this is why I created this blog. I wanted to keep track of all the style phases I go through because it changes all the time. Sometimes I don’t even know which direction I’m going in, but I love surprising myself!

We as humans are always growing and changing. If we don’t limit ourselves when it comes to evolving as people, we shouldn’t limit ourselves when it comes to expanding our style either, OKAY!! Everyone deserves to present themselves to the world the way that makes sense to them in that moment!

Right now, I’m really into serving a perfect blend of masculine and feminine energy. In the past I tried my best to hide my feminine ways but it was definitely forced and never authentic. As I grew older I began embracing who I am fully am with no regrets. Right now I’m feeling super balanced presenting myself to the world in a feminine/masculine way. I’m having a lot of fun creating looks that express that!

Want to know a secret? You probably can’t tell BUT I’m not wearing a bra AHH!!! If you know me you’ll know this is a biggggggggg deal lol. I wrote in one of my past blog posts that I rely heavily on my GC2B binder because I can’t stand my boobs. I love my binder and wear it often but for this look I knew the binder wasn’t going to work. I wanted to show some skin. I absolutely love how this shirt looks with the mid-chest area showing especially when you’re wearing a button down. I gave it a shot and was a little worried I would hate the photos but surprise surprise I don’t! it was really freeing to try something new.

If you’d like to shop this look you can find both the shirt and pants at one of my favorite places to shop online, ASOS!

The shirt is the ASOS DESIGN oversized satin shirt with low revere collar in green I’m wearing a size small!

The pants are the ASOS DESIGN tapered cropped pants in washed neon green linen with belt I’m wearing a size 32 and they’re currently on sale for $24.00. They’re so comfy and perfect for the summer heat if you like to wear pants in the summer like me haha!

Do you have a color you’re afraid won’t look good on you but you want to give it a try anyway? What color is it? I’d love to hear!