Today I’m going to share with you 7 essential items that I think every person should have in their wardrobe and why!

I can’t stress enough how important it is to start with the basics when it comes to diving into your new style. Doing too much too soon could waste your time and money. A lot of people tend to buy things that are “in” at the moment or you’ll buy a piece of clothing that you only end up wearing once. Who’s guilty? I am!

When you start with the basics it’s easier for you to mix and match to create a plethora of looks for the present moment and future!

Who waits until the season changes and then goes, oh f%*#, I have no idea what I’m going to wear when the season changes. Yes, me too because I’m usually over my look from last year, bored with my wardrobe or interested in trying a new style. Most of the time I hop online and order a bunch of crap before really thinking about what it is that I want to buy. Only to donate my clothes a few months later.

We as humans plan a lot of things in life. You plan what time you need to wake up to get to work on time, you plan what you’re going to do for your birthday, you plan doctors appointments, you schedule hangouts with friends/family and guess what? If you have a look in mind that you’d like to create, you need to plan on getting essential items so you can bring that look to life.

Here are my top 7 items that everyone should try to have in their wardrobe!

  1. A comfortable black on black casual shoe

    • This is an absolute necessary item to have in your wardrobe because you’ll need these A LOT. You can wear these as a stylish walking shoe or your everyday shoe. If you’re into the monochromatic look you can wear these with an all black outfit for a nice clean look. You can throw them on when you’re going to the grocery store, you can wear them with jeans, joggers, drop crotches, you name it!

    • Trust me you’ll always find a reason to wear a black on black shoe. An all black shoe is a better option than a black shoe mixed with another color because we want a shoe that can go with almost anything. If the black shoe has another color in it, it limits the amount of times you can wear it. Your all black shoe needs to be comfortable, easy to wear and worth the price.

    • For me, I don’t mind spending a little bit of money when it comes to shoes. I’m a serious shoe lover and I’ve definitely bought cheap shoes in the past. These shoes never last, plus they hurt my feet! One time I really tried to stick it out with an inexpensive pair of shoes and my heels were bleeding, no thank you! This is why I don’t mind investing in a good pair of shoes because it’s totally worth it for me.

    • I really love Adidas sneakers because they’re comfy and I happen to have wide feet. Adidas seems to really cater to us wide feet people so automatically I’m a fan. Here’s an option I would recommend The NMD R1 W.

    • I have to plug my favorite shoe at the moment the matte black Buffalo London’s. I really liked these shoes when I first purchased them but I had no idea how much use I would get out of them. They’re definitely my go to black shoe that I wear all the time plus they’re super comfortable.

    • Since I’m really into platforms I’m going to mention a black on black shoe that has recently caught my attention. The Caraya shoe from Dr. Martens. They’re pretty cute and I just might cop!

  2. A comfortable all white casual sneaker/shoe

    • If you have a black and on black shoe, of course you’ll need an all white shoe. Black works with a lot of colors but if you’re going for lighter clothing tones you will need a white shoe to balance out your outfit. For example: If I’m going to wear light green pants with a tan shirt, the black on black sneakers wouldn’t work. It would break up the flow of the outfit. All white, tan or even a light grey color would work with that outfit example.

    • Knowing the best time to wear a dark shoe and the best time to wear a lighter shoe takes time depending on your style preference. I usually determine it based on what visually looks more pleasing to the eye. I also like to keep my looks in the same color family which helps me determine how to mix and match items together.

    • I used to be a Vans head and I even worked at the Vans store at a mall in Jersey City! My old Instagram handle was “vansntattoos” haha! I wonder if anyone uses that handle now? Hmmm! ANYWAYS! At one point Vans were the only shoe brand I wore. My Old Skools have never steered me wrong. I find them super comfortable for short distances only lol. Long distances are another story because Vans are a very flat shoe but on the plus side they’re super affordable.

    • You’ll definitely catch me in my white Old Skool vans, especially in the summertime. They’re lightweight with a simple stylish look and they happen to compliment a lot of neutral colored combos.

  3. Solid colored t-shirts (short sleeve/long sleeve) especially black, white and grey

    • T-shirts are great because you can layer them! If you have denim jackets or windbreakers, you can easily throw it over a t-shirt. The t-shirt can be your splash of color without doing too much. I’m not a huge fan of patterned t-shirts because I tend to get sick of loud patterns quickly. It’s also more obvious if you’re wearing the same patterned shirt over and over again. It’s easier to mix and match the same shirt multiple times and in different ways when it’s a solid color. You can find solid colored shirts anywhere but make sure it’s made of good quality. When I buy a shirt I only want to buy it once with hopes that it will last for years.

    • I love ASOS and I really like how they sell shirts in packs. If you want the same shirt in multiple colors check out the ASOS DESIGN organic t-shirt with crew neck 10 pack multipack saving option and get a good quality shirt in a variety of colors.

  4. A denim jacket (dark and/or light)

    • A denim jacket is great to have because you can wear it on a cool summer night, during the spring/fall and even on a mild winter day. I’m always the person who needs a little jacket when I’m doing anything in doors with AC so my denim jacket gets a lot of use. It’s also a chill look without even trying.

    • Light wash, distressed denim is my favorite type of denim jacket. I wear my denim jacket with all shades of denim because mixing denim looks dope to me. I also like to wear it with chino pants or any look with lighter colors.

    • Here’s an example of a denim jacket I recommend. This is just a visual example but please know you can easily find a bunch of denim jackets at your local thrift store for half this price.

  5. Black/light colored skinny jeans and/or chinos. If you’re not into pants that fit skinny an alternative would be slim or regular fit.

    • Black jeans and light jeans are great key items to have if you’re into denim pants. Also, you only need one pair of each of these options. I had the same Levi’s skinny black jeans for 4 years until they had holes in the thigh area and I had to get a new pair LOL! I wore them all the time and because they were black no one knew I was wearing the same jeans over and over again —until I told them of course haha!

    • If you want a pants option that you can dress up or dress down I would suggest getting chinos in all black, grey and a khaki green option. Chinos are my favorite type of pants because they’re not as restricting as denim.

    • Currently, my favorite chinos at the moment are the black skinny chinos from ASOS. I wear these ALL the time because they’re so comfy and they look great with almost everything.

  6. Nice socks!

    • I roll up the bottom of my pants a lot because its my style but that also means my sock game needs to be on point! In the summer time I can wear no-show socks and let my ankles breathe when I roll up my pants but If it’s the winter time I don’t want my ankles to freeze in the cold. This means socks are absolutely necessary and I’m not talking about ankle socks.

    • I have a variety of crew socks in my drawer. Crew socks can hide underneath your pants to keep your ankles and the lower part of your leg warm. They can also be stylish if you know how to pick out the right ones to compliment your outfit.

    • I have black socks, grey socks, grey socks with a yellow stripe and grey socks with a black stripe etc. Depending on what I’m wearing I want my socks to be a subtle accent in my outfit. I mentioned subtle because I like to have one main statement piece in my outfit, if any at all. The statement piece is usually my shirt, my pants or a specific accessory. I try not to make my socks the center of attention.

    • If you’re going to anyone’s house and you have to take off your shoes, you don’t want to be the only one with holes in your socks at the function. Trust me, I’ve been there. I’m always like why on earth did I even put these on? My excuse is I’m usually rushing out the house, couldn’t find any other pair of socks and I knew I needed new socks but never made the time to buy them. I’ve definitely wore some worn out socks to a function as well without any holes it them but there might as well have been holes in them! On top of the socks not being the correct size, they were stretched out so much that the front part was super long just flapping around. I was out here looking like I had fins HAHA! So yes, make sure you have sock options just like t-shirt options. It’s important lol!

    • Just like the t-shirt pack option I recommended from ASOS, you can also get socks in a pack as well. Here’s an option I found on Amazon.

    • When I mentioned getting solid colored t-shirt packs you should have some solid sock color options as well. I mentioned previously, bold patterns/designs are cute for a moment but we want items that are timeless, that can be worn often.

  7. Last but certainly not least you’ll need a long black coat and a camel coat

    • If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I searched high and low for a camel coat. I originally had a long black coat that I found at a random thrift store a few years back in Bushwick for $15 . My long black coat keeps me warm and it’s super cute especially for my darker clothing looks.

    • I put it into the universe that I wanted a camel coat and it took some time but I finally found it at a thrift store in LA. It came to a point where I could only wear my long black coat with so many outfit combos and I needed a lighter option that was also warm. So happy I found mine for only $26 before the winter was over. I hope it lasts for a long time!

    • Here’s a visual example from a similar looking camel coat on ASOS. Definitely check out your local thrift store for one of your own, you never know what you may find!

These tips are great if you’re interested in changing up your wardrobe and keeping it simple. You’ll see as your style progresses how handy it is to have these key items in your closet!

Let me know if these tips were helpful and if I should do more style tip blog posts in the future!