Wedding Attire

Wedding Attire

Stray’s Wedding Attire

My two lovely friends had a wedding recently and it was so beautiful to witness! I wanted to share the outfit I put together and how I decided on what to wear.

This was my first wedding as an adult and it just so happened to be a gay wedding! Yay! The last wedding I went to I was probably 13 or 14 and it was my cousin’s wedding in Chicago. The wedding was cancelled because they called it off last minute while everyone awkwardly waited a few hours for the ceremony to start. This really happened by the way lol. It’s pretty crazy because they still decided to get married a few years later HA! - but let me stop spilling my family tea LOL! The reception still happened and it was a great time. It felt like an unplanned family reunion since all of my family on my mom’s side was there. The only issue was that I was wearing a dress.


Since this happened over a decade ago I was extremely excited to attend another wedding feeling comfortable in my skin and wearing a masculine presenting outfit. There were two brides and the icing on the cake was that I’m friends with both of them!

I really love blazers for formal wear and knew it was an absolute must to find the perfect blazer.

How often do you get to dress up and go to a wedding? If you’re like me and your friend’s circle is small, you’re not getting wedding invitations left and right so you need to enjoy the experience while it lasts…in style of course!

Since I’m always on the ASOS website, I noticed they had a wide selection of blazers. I checked their website right away to see what they had in stock and if anything would work for the look I was going for. I originally wanted the ASOS DESIGN super skinny blazer in sage green jersey. Once it arrived it was more of a mint green instead of a sage green. The fabric was a blend of polyester and cotton, which is fine for a casual look. I wanted something a little fancier, with heavier fabric and a more exciting design. Thank goodness I ordered the blazer in advance. I was able to return the sage green blazer and order a better one.

Even though ASOS is based in the UK they have free returns within 28 days of receiving your order which is another reason why I love ordering from them so much. I’m able to take my time to see if the item is the right fit. It also spares me the hassle of paying to return the item if it’s not what I expected. If that doesn’t convince you to start ordering from ASOS, you’re buggin!

After searching for a few more days I finally decided on the ASOS EDITION skinny blazer in floral jacquard. I wasn’t sure if I liked it at first because colors online sometimes look different in person, especially when you’re taking a risk with a bold print. Once it arrived in the mail, to my surprise it looked exactly how it did online and I knew it was the perfect option for my friend’s special day! I’m wearing a size 36 Short. I have to get a short blazer because it is a men’s blazer and my torso is too short to pull off a regular fit. I would look like a child wearing my Dad’s blazer lol. There’s absolutely nothing cute about ill fitting formal wear especially when all you need to do is order a size down. I have another blazer in my closet that’s 38 Short from ASOS that I tried on to compare for size. The shoulders were too big and it was a little long in the arms. It makes me wonder what look I was serving 2 years ago for New Years Eve when I wore that blazer in public. Oh my! I’m glad I had that blazer for a size reference so I didn’t end up with an oversized blazer again. What do you all think about the blazer I decided on?

Even though my blazer is a statement piece, it was about 80 something degrees out on the day of their wedding and the sun was beaming! The ceremony was outside so I planned ahead to make sure the outfit would still be cute when I took the blazer off. Remember the Uniqlo shirt I wrote about in my previous blog post? Well you guessed it! That’s the shirt I’m wearing under the blazer. I originally wanted a white short sleeve mandarin collared button down because I never had a reason to buy one and always wanted one. I thought a pop of white would’ve been cute with this fit but the shirt I ordered didn’t fit correctly so I had to return it. I knew wearing a black shirt was a good alternative so I decided to wear something I already owned. I’m really into tucking in my shirts because it gives the outfit a well polished look especially when you hit them with that black on black.

My pants are from Topman and they’re the Black Ultra Skinny Fit Side Taping Pants - Black. I’ve purchased Topman suit pants in the past and I love the fit and style options they have. Topman is always coming up with some dope pieces to select from. I’m wearing a 34 Regular pant which is a little long for me but I settled on rolling up my pants leg since I didn’t want to take them to a tailor to get them hemmed. Rolling up my pants leg makes the outfit a little more casual but not too casual and I just love having my ankle peek out a little bit. I also didn’t have to wear socks because of the shoes I picked out so it all worked out.

The shoes I’m wearing are also from ASOS which are the River Island backless loafer in black croc I normally wear a 7.5 but ASOS sells their shoes in whole sizes, not half sizes. I ordered a half size down and the 7 fit perfectly. I was really into wearing slides this summer and I wanted to wear slides for this outfit but I didn’t want the outfit to look tacky. What better way to achieve this look for comfort and style than a backless loafer? They also low key resemble the Gucci Leather Horsebit Mule Slipper Flat which are adorable but too expensive. You can always achieve a high fashion look for less. You just need to do your research because there is always an affordable alternative.

Have you gone to a wedding recently or had to get fancy for an event? What did you wear? Did you feel like your outfit authentically represented you in the way you wanted? Drop your comments below. I would love to hear!