Members Only Varsity Jacket

It's no secret, I love jackets, especially varsity jackets! But let me tell you about one of my new favorites. 


MO Varsity Jacket

I was so excited when Members Only reached out to do a collaboration and style two of their jackets. The first jacket I styled is the Men's MO Varsity (black). Members Only has been around since 1975 and became really popular in the 80's but it's bacckkkkkk and it's been back. They have a lot of new styles and I couldn't wait to style these.

I really like this varsity jacket because it's black on black, has simple details, the "M" stitched on one sleeve outlined in white and the "O" stitched on the other. I can see myself wearing bright colors and taking more fashion risks with this jacket because black compliments everything. You can easily wear layers underneath without looking bulky and it has a very fresh, clean look. This varsity jacket also comes in a camel color and charcoal. The camel was my second favorite!



Members Only is known for their windbreakers and leather jackets but I had no idea they sold varsity jackets as well as a large variety of other styles including denim jackets. If you're interested in buying the varsity jacket or any other items from the Members Only website you can use this linkYou can also use my Promo Code: STRAYDAZE to get 15% off of your entire order. You're welcome! :) 

When I styled this outfit I didn't want to go the safe route and be too "matchy-matchy". I thought that would be super boring and when it comes to my wardrobe boring is the adjective I try to stay VERY far away from. I chose a yellow button down shirt with stripes from Urban Outfitters — The UO ‘90s Vertical Stripe Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt. Before this shirt I didn't have any yellow in my wardrobe but I plan on getting more yellow things in the future. I feel like it's a great color for the summer. This exact shirt is sold out but the link above includes other colors they have in stock including khaki, yellow multi or dark green. The yellow multi shirt is fire! Also, did I mention the shirts were originally $44 but they're now on sale for $29.00!? I can always appreciate a sale!

In my previous blogposts, I mentioned I'm not a fan of going into stores to shop and try on clothes. Sometimes I'll find myself in a store to try on clothes for size before I order. I don't like ordering online if I'm unsure of the size and I wasn't sure if a small or medium would fit best. I made some time over the weekend to go to Urban Outfitters and they only had the dark green color in stock. I was lucky that at least they had the type of shirt I wanted to try on. I tried on a small but it didn't look right and then I tried it on in a medium and it fit perfectly. Side note, why are Urban Outfitter's dressing rooms so cute!? I spent a good 10 minutes snapping several selfies in those big full length mirrors! You have to take advantage of that good lighting, okay! Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about lol. I later went home, placed my order for the exact shirt I wanted and I was still able to avoid those annoying long lines that irritate the crap out of me. I was also able to be at peace with the size I chose to order! Yay! 

I was really feeling the stripes that were in the shirt so I wanted to include stripes in my pants as well. I came across the Gray Pinstripe Side Taping Joggers from TopShop (Topman). These grey pants have a bright green stripe outlined in a dark blue stripe going vertically down each pant leg. I'm a sucker for minor details like this. The pants are tapered and they just so happen to be joggers even though you can't really tell from the photos. They look like dress pants but they have a drawstring! I'm so about it! I love a tapered pant and if the pants don't have a zipper, sign me up please! I think it's necessary for my pants to be tapered or I end up looking very short and hobbit-ish. If you're short like me, try on some tapered pants or go to an affordable tailor and get your pants tapered, you won't regret it. I feel like tapered pants lengthen your legs and make you appear taller than you really are. I rolled up the bottoms of the pants a little bit so I could show off my favorite burgundy socks for a subtle detail. 

Speaking of appearing taller than you really are, I've been obsessed with platform shoes for the longest. Platform shoes are basically my alternative to heels because I can use a little lift every now and again. I bought platform shoes from Zara last year but they didn't last because I did way too much walking in them. Those bad boys were leaning like the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Not a good look lol! I was in search for replacement shoes but nothing caught my eye. I celebrated my birthday not too long ago and my girlfriend surprised me these platforms from Journey's and the brand name is Madden Girl. I wanted a platform that looked gender neutral, was all black and easy to walk in. These are perfect and you'll be seeing a lot more of them in the future. I'll be sure to take care of these and try not to walk miles in them so they can last a few years. On top of all of those great things they were only $40. Talk about a steal! Shoutouts to bae!

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