Mix & Match

Let me tell you about this lovely shirt that's perfect for any occasion. It's the Colden button down shirt by Kirrin Finch. 

I fell in love with this shirt for many reasons. It's one of my favorite colors, it's floral and it's menswear inspired. The perk is it's tailored to fit the female body but it still has a masculine touch. I'm obsessed! I shop in the mens department often. With my size/height it's really hard to find shirts that fit me correctly. If it fits my arms, it's too tight on my hips. If it's perfect on my hips it's too wide in the shoulders etc. Over the years I've gotten used to shirts not fitting correctly because it was better than wearing a button down from the women's section. Button downs in the women's section emphasize curves that I would rather not draw attention to. They're also super tight in the boob area — not my style at all! It's great knowing that Kirrin Finch exists, their shirts fit my body the way that I want and they have great fabric selections. 

I met Kelly and Laura a few years ago at a party in Brooklyn. They're the sweetest and I'm not just saying that to be nice. They've been so kind and supportive since the day we met and I really look up to them. When they told me about their clothing company I really loved the idea because finding a shirt that was masculine that fit my body was something I needed! I also think it's awesome what they're doing for the LGBT+ community. I've had the privilege of modeling for Kirrin Finch throughout the years and it's always a great time. The environment is full of positive energy, laughs and togetherness. I've met a lot of great people during these shoots that I now call friends including Kelly and Laura. 

You can see the hard work and detail that goes into producing these shirts. Thankfully these shirts come in a variety of sizes so that no one's left out. All of their shirts are made in the USA and on top of that they're made from natural materials! I think that's pretty cool! 

I styled this shirt in three ways to show you that even though this print is vibrant you can wear it for multiple occasions. If you want to dress it up you can and if you want it to be super casual you can wear it that way too. 

The first look is my "Fun in the Sun" look. I've expressed this in one of my previous blog posts but my main goal when picking out an outfit is to be comfortable. Throughout the years I was really shy about my body. I only recently started to feel comfortable in shorts. Since 2014, I never wore shorts above the knee. I also wasn't a huge fan of my legs. I used to go the men's/women's section looking for shorts that fit my body type and I always left the dressing room wondering why I couldn't find something that fit me the right way. I've had a butt, hips and thick thighs for a very long time and it's made finding pants or shorts a huge pain. This is what inspired me to learn to sew and make pants/shorts that worked for me. Drop crotch shorts became my favorite thing to make. I would make them loose and long so that I could hide areas on my body that I didn't want exposed. Since New York summers are super hot the drop crotch shorts looked nice but I was dying from the heat. I desperately wanted to show more of my legs so that I could feel more comfortable in the summer but I also didn't know what to do because of my insecurities.

This summer, I said no more hiding. I've been eating healthy and exercising regularly for the past few years. Having a healthier lifestyle allowed me to feel more comfortable in my skin, finally! My legs are out for the "Fun in the Sun" look and I'm pretty excited about it. I'll still wear my drop crotch shorts occasionally but I decided to stop being afraid or ashamed about the way I was created. We only have one body and I'm learning to love it more each day. Who's with me!? 

After deciding I wanted to wear short shorts again, I was not looking forward to trying on shorts in the dressing room *inserts dramatic eye roll*. I suddenly had an idea! I started wearing swim shorts to the gym because the fabric was breathable and perfect for an intense workout. When I wore swim shorts they weren't restricting and they gave me the look I wanted. I decided to order several pairs of swim shorts a few months ago because I knew they would fit me well. Plus, swim shorts come in the best colors/patterns. I thought the green shorts with the white line accent on the side would go great with the Colden shirt because the blue in the shirt casually compliments the green in the shorts. I had a lot of fun putting this look together, can you tell? lol. I'm wearing two gold chains from Buffalo Exchange. I found both chains for less that $20. I found these cute dusty rose authentic Vans at Crossroads for about $25. I definitely had a yasssss moment when I found all of these for so cheap.  

My second look is the "Mix and Match" look. I really like only buttoning the top two buttons of my button down. I always thought wearing your shirt like this was fly and I have a soft spot for the West Coast. Cali to be exact!  If you've been paying attention you'll see I incorporated a pair of pants I created and wrote about in my "Fabric" blog post. Both prints are loud but sometimes you want to be a little loud with your clothes when you're living in New York. Why not! The various blues compliment each other, both fabrics are floral and it's just enough mix-matching that works without being too crazy. 

My last look is the "Date night" look. I'm wearing my longline jacket from ASOS with grey skinny jeans that's I've had for so long I have no idea where I got them. I'm not a huge fan of jeans but these have the perfect amount of stretch so that they don't feel too confined. I paired this outfit with my brown chelsea boots from Dr. Martens and complimented the look with some shades. This is a simple way of wearing the shirt if you don't want to outshine your date but you always have the option to take your jacket off and finesse. 

Be sure to check out Kirrin Finch's blog post about this look and follow them on Instagram

Do you have a favorite shirt that you can style multiple ways? Share in the comments below. I'd love to hear about it!