Infinity Scarf

My favorite type of scarf. The infinity scarf! 

This weather is crazy in New York! It's been very up and down this month especially at the beginning of May. I'm so ready for consistent sunshine. I feel like we've only had two seasons in the past few years, cold winters and hot sticky summers. Yesterday it was almost 90 degrees and today it's low 60's. Makes no sense at all but I won't even get into global warming.

My birthday is the first day of summer and I'm really hoping I can have a full day of sunshine. I'm ready to let these legs breathe and not have to bring a jacket or scarf everywhere I go. One minute I'm in shorts having a picnic and the next day I'm all bundled up irritated with the cold. Let's not even get into the amount of times it's rained in the past few months. I feel like winter is slowly trying to hold on and not leave but I'm ready to say bye boo!

Since the weather is so unpredictable, I like to wear my infinity scarf when it starts to get chilly. I wrap it around my neck about three times depending on the length of the scarf and how cold it is. I don't like being cold but I especially don't like when my neck's cold. I like to wear my scarf around my neck like a necklace which I call my "just in case" scarf. You can see the scarf isn't warming my neck at all in the photos but just in case I get cold I know I have one handy. I have a tendency to lose scarves a lot! If it's not around my neck I leave them on the train, at someone's house or forget it when I leave home. When it's around my neck I know it's there and I won't lose it. So yes, you can wear the "just in case" styled scarf for fashion reasons — but now you know my secret on how I stopped losing scarves as well. 

Here's a link from Amazon to get an infinity scarf like the one I'm wearing. I like grey or black scarves because they're more subtle and compliment my outfit rather than be the main focus. 

My olive green shirt is from ASOS and it's the same style shirt that was under my windbreaker in my previous post. Here's the link so you can get one for yourself! I really like the color and it's easy to incorporate in an outfit. I paired this shirt with some pants I made in 24 hours. Funny story about these pants; I bought the fabric and kept it in my room untouched for almost four months. I started to second guess whether or not the fabric would be okay for pants and wasn't sure if I was in love with the color. When I decided to make the pants I had a shoot the following day and had no idea what to wear. I thought it would be the perfect time to make them because the color grew on me and they ended up fitting and looking decent. They work well with black but they also work with other solid colors like grey, tan and white. They're also lightweight so I can wear them in the warmer months too. 


To my east coasters or anyone living in an area where the temperature doesn't match the season — Who's ready for some consistent sunshine?