Varsity Jackets

I don't know if it's just me but I've always had a thing for varsity jackets! 

Fun fact: I was on the varsity dance team my Junior and Senior year of high school and we had varsity jackets, but I only remember wearing it once or twice because my school colors were purple and white...not the cutest colors! Look at me now, wearing somebody's old varsity jacket from their track and field days and for some reason they didn't want it. A win for me.

One random Saturday I decided to check out a different L Train Vintage location that I've never been to before in Gowanus, Brooklyn. On my way there I spotted a cute little store named Eleven Vintage Boutique. If you take a look at the website link you'll see it's also named Eleven Consignment Boutique and they have two other locations I need to check out and so should you.

Maybe it's just me but whenever I see the words "Vintage" or "Boutique" it usually means the store has secondhand clothing that is WAY overpriced. I decided to take a peek and was pleasantly surprised their prices weren't that bad, but I can only speak for the men's section. I almost walked in and walked right back out because there was a bunch of feminine attire right when you walk in, but I saw a sign that said, "Men's" in the back so I happily sashayed over there. I didn't find anything that stood out right away but then I noticed this jacket. I loved the mix of gold and blue and come to think of it these were my college colors #RollPride. The jacket looked like it would be the perfect fit so I peeled off all my layers and boom, it was perfect. The jacket set me back $20, not too bad although it could have easily been $15. This was my first thrifted varsity jacket find. I don't have anything similar to it in my closet so I knew I couldn't put it back. We've all been there -- you put something back, get home and immediately regret it. I've made the mistake of putting something back that I wanted when I was thrifting and decided to come back at a later date...of course it was gone. That was not going to happen today! I had my eye on another piece of clothing at Eleven Vintage Boutique that I later went back and purchased literally an hour later, but I'll save the details about that find for a new post. 

I decided to try something new when I styled this look. Normally when you think varsity jacket you think athletic wear, sneakers etc. but I decided to dress it up a little bit with my good ol' dandy 2976 CRAZY HORSE Chelsea Boots from Dr. Martens. I told you I love a good Chelsea boot! They're super comfortable, they're durable and I think everyone needs a brown boot in their wardrobe. I'm trying to get out of my comfort zone, not be so matchy matchy. I intentionally went for a non-matching look here and I think it turned out nicely! I'm also wearing a black long sleeve mandarin collared shirt underneath the varsity jacket, along with these hunter green drop crotches I made. I may or may not have taken my girlfriend's necklace and named it my "Wakanda Forever" necklace! lol

Do you have a varsity jacket in your closet? Did you get it thrifting or is it your own?

Leave your comments below, I'd love to hear!