Thrift finds!

It's no secret...I'm a thrift-aholic! 

I love finding things that are super cute, affordable and that fit my style. Luckily, I happen to live in one the coolest cities for thrifting! I'm definitely that girl that prefers to thrift shop until I drop over waiting in line at a huge retail store. I don't know what it is but seeing multiple items of the same thing on the rack doesn't do it for me. You'll definitely find me shopping online for a majority of my clothes when I'm not thrifting or I'll go to the store at night when there are no lines -- I'm in and out. Just a little secret, you're welcome,

The ability to find one of a kind pieces is my favorite part about thrifting. I don't know if it's just me, but one of my worst nightmares is walking into a room and seeing someone with the same outfit as me! I would run home and change like my life depended on it. Here's a little story -- I went to an all girls private school which means yes, we wore uniforms and yes, your girl was rocking the plaid skirt. Every Friday was dress down Friday and I always forced my mom to take me to the store midweek to get a new shirt. I don't know why I was only focused on getting a new shirt every Friday and disregarded the details of the rest of my outfit, but I remember being so excited to show off my new shirt come Friday morning. By lunchtime, I had about 2 girls tell me exactly where I got my shirt, that they had the same one and that maybe we could wear it the same day and be "twinsies"...*enter worst nightmare here*. The local Goodwill became my thing because I knew it was unlikely that someone would have on the same thing as me...and it was cheap!

When I thrift now, I like to rummage through the racks, searching and digging and then finally having that "yassssss" moment. You know the one I'm talking about! Most of the time it's not something you were necessarily looking for but it still makes your day. I love finding new thrift spots and coming back consistently because let's face it, every time you go to the thrift store doesn't mean you'll find that awesome piece. It takes time and patience but it's totally worth it.

I found this varsity jacket and the pants I'm wearing at the L Train Vintage Gowanus location. The jacket was $10 and the windbreaker pants were $7. If you saw my previous post you'll see that I'm really into varsity jackets at the moment so I couldn't just have one. The other jacket has a bold color that doesn't work with everything so I wanted to get a darker color that could work well when I'm not trying to do the most. I put a comfy white thermal underneath from Forever 21.

I paired this outfit with my Old Skool Vans. Back in the day Vans were the only shoes you could catch me in. I even worked at the Vans store in Newport Centre Mall for about 2 years. I think the Old Skool sneaker is an essential item for your wardrobe. They're comfortable once you break them in and they have that cute little Cali vibe. 

Have you ever found a one of kind piece that you absolutely love while thrifting?

Please share in the comments below! I'd love to hear!