When I get dressed in the morning, my main goal is to be comfortable! 

When you think of winter, what comes to mind? For me, I think about the obvious temperature drop, hibernating in my house, sitting by the fire, baked goods, eating carbs more often than I should and making sure all of my outfits are cozy. 

I can always appreciate a nice plaid shirt in the winter. You can dress it up or you can dress it down. I usually wear flannels with jeans and dress it up with a nice boot, but today I wanted to do something a little bit different. I thought why not keep it all the way cozy and pair them with some sweats I made and my adidas boots.

If you want to know something about me I really can't stand wearing jeans. I think I only own two pairs. The reason why I started making my own pants was because I couldn't find anything that was comfortable and looked good on me. Jeans are very restricting and I despise zippers. I'm hoping to learn to love jeans in the future and maybe find a brand that fits me the way I like but until then, I'm fine wearing the two pairs I have when an outfit calls for it or I can just make my own. I handmade these sweats as well -- they have an elastic waistband and they're super soft. I feel like I'm wearing pajamas! I found the flannel shirt when I was on a date with my lady in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. I can't think of the name of the store because it was a very small mom and pop shop but we wanted to check the place out and the only thing that was worth buying was the flannel. I used to wear red a lot when I was younger and it was even my favorite color at one point. When I transitioned to darker clothing I gave away all my red stuff. This is officially my first red shirt since then and it just so happens to be a flannel and I'm feeling it! I think I'll try to buy more red items in the future. 

You know it's cold in these streets so I added my Mighty Healthy windbreaker to compliment the fit. 

How do you like to compliment your flannel shirts? Do you call them flannel shirts or just plaid shirts?

Leave your comments below!