One of my favorite things to do is sew!

I know most of you are aware that I hand-make most of the pants on this blog unless stated otherwise, but my absolute favorite process about sewing/creating my own pants is going to the fabric store and finding unique fabric. When I found this fun fabric, I knew I loved it right away and had to make some pants out of it. I believe I found this fabric at Fulton Fabrics, a fabric store located in Downtown Brooklyn. I can browse through fabric stores for hours waiting for something to catch my eye, revisiting fabric I need to convince myself is OK enough to work with, but this fabric caught my eye right away. I'm pretty sure it might've been created for curtains or something based on the material because it's a thicker cotton but I saw the fabric and immediately thought these would be super cool pants.

The cool thing about these pants is that I actually made them shorter than I normally do. They're probably a 26 inch outseam and I normally wear a 30-32 inch outseam. I usually wear these pants in the summertime so making shorter pants allows my ankles to breathe and gives me the best of both worlds if I want to wear pants when it's hot but still get a little airflow. In the summer I usually pair these pants with a cute low top shoe like a pari of Vans. I'll wear these pants again in the summer for a future blog post. I'll show you how you can take certain pieces from one season into another in an entirely new way. 

Let me know what you think about this fabric in the comments below! Do you sew? If so, what's your favorite fabric store? (Doesn't have to be in New York!)