Life After Denim Reversible Puffer

Life After Denim Reversible Puffer

I was really excited when Life After Denim reached out and wanted me to create a look for this jacket. If you visit their website you’ll see they have a lot of clean and simple pieces to add to your fall wardrobe. As always I was immediately drawn to their jackets, especially this one!

If you check out Life After Denim’s website and Instagram account you’ll see a lot of men in their clothes because, it’s a menswear brand! It goes to show you how far the world has come and that there is a grey area in fashion that’s being recognized when it comes to womenswear and menswear. I’m definitely in that grey area and I’m happy that more brands are open to it!

What I love about this jacket is that there is a mix of two different colors. I chose this jacket because I don’t have anything like it in my closet at the moment. It kind of reminds me of a chocolate covered strawberry. If the strawberry was green and the chocolate was blue LOL. I gave you a good visual there huh? haha. I don’t think the jacket would have stood out to me if it was completely blue or completely olive green, but blending the two colors together makes it that much more unique. Why have a basic jacket when you can get something that stands out from the rest? I really like that this jacket stands out but it’s not exactly a statement piece that I can only wear every now and again. It does just enough without being too much. The perfect option to add an extra touch to your look!


You probably can’t tell how soft this jacket is, but it’s soooo soft. Like crazy soft. You know those people that come to a party and leave their coat on because they’re just so comfortable? I totally get why someone would do that now lol.

In the past I’ve always liked puffers that were heavy. It wasn’t on purpose but the ones I liked happened to be made with a lot of down. To my surprise this jacket was as light as a feather. I know this jacket will come in handy when I pack for a future trip. If I need to stuff this jacket in my luggage it won’t take up too much space. Having a lightweight jacket also means it takes up less room in my closet. I have a bunch of jackets bunched together right now so I’m glad this one can easily slide right on in and join the collection. I can even wear it for both fashion and for warmth. I really can’t stand when I have a super heavy jacket that’s adorable but I can only whip it out when it’s a snow storm or below 20 degrees. If I even attempt to wear it in 50 or 60 degree weather, I’m sweating. Not cute at all! LOL

I definitely feel like this jacket will get a lot of use this fall and winter because I love how it feels and looks and I can see a lot of outfit combinations that could work with it.

If you didn’t think this jacket could get any better, you’re wrong! It’s also reversible. When you turn it inside out there’s a camo print that’s a nice contrast to the blue/olive green color on the other side. I love a camo print and I really feel like I have a 2 in 1 jacket. No one would even know you were wearing the same jacket unless you told them of course. I know in the future I might be guilty of saying, “Oh you like this jacket? Wait one second, *reverses jacket inside out* it’s also camo on the other side! Didn’t know it was reversible huh!?” Sometimes I can be a little extra like that, but I love clothes! lol

If you want to buy this jacket so that you can add it to your wardrobe or gift it to someone else you can purchase it here!

The white t-shirt I’m wearing is from Bershka. You all thought I was obsessed with ASOS but my love for Bershka is on a whole new level! I first discovered this brand when I went to Italy in 2016. At that time Bershka was not in the states but this year a Bershka store opened up in SOHO, Manhattan. I am and will continue to be obsessed lol. I actually bought this shirt while I was in Amsterdam and it was on sale but you can definitely achieve this look wearing any type of white shirt. I’m all for quality though. I used to buy multiple white t-shirts in a pack but they would always fade or stain because it was so cheap. I would eventually have to throw them away and then I just stopped buying white shirts to spare me the drama. White shirts are so hard to keep clean! I’m on my best behavior with this white shirt though! lol. What I love about this shirt is it’s high neck and the cotton material is very soft. I’ve already washed this shirt a few times and it’s still just as soft as the day that I bought it!

When I decided to put this look together I knew I wasn’t going to wear any denim because the brand name is Life AFTER Denim. I wanted to choose anything BUT denim for my pants. I honestly never wear denim unless it’s my jean jacket so I just wanted to throw that in there because I thought it was funny lol.

I found these light pink chinos on ASOS and they’re the ASOS DESIGN super skinny chinos in ice pink. I’m wearing a 34W 32IN but I sometimes wear a 34W 30IN. I like a little extra scrunch of fabric at the bottom of my pants. Everyone has their own preference but I like having the option to roll up my pants if need be. Sometimes when I get a 30IN length it’s too perfect and isn’t the look I’m going for so I ordered the 32IN instead and I’m very pleased with my purchase.

Since I wore a white shirt and light pink pants I knew I couldn’t add a dark shoe to this look. That would’ve ruined the outfit 100%. I had to keep the soft colors going so I added my Adidas GSG9.3 Desert Low Tactical Boots. I wrote about these boots in my first blog post back in February! Do you remember that one? Wow time flies. I got these at the end of last winter as a christmas present from my brother. I’m excited to start wearing these more this winter!

I would say that in the past I would never try to match my jacket with my outfit. I would choose the warmest jacket which would sometimes ruin the look I was going for, but hey! I was warm! Now that I have a closet full of jacket options I can pick and choose what works and what doesn’t work so I can still look cute in the winter and be warm at the same time.

What’s your favorite winter jacket to wear? Tell me all about it! I would love to hear!