The Color Factory

The Color Factory

What I wore to the Color Factory!

A month ago I went to the Color Factory in New York located on 251 Spring St, New York, NY.

If you haven’t had the chance to go I highly suggest checking it out! If you’re from out of town, good news, it looks like they’re planning on keeping it around longer than expected so more people can enjoy this unique experience.

The Color Factory is a collaborative interactive exhibit. In other words, it’s paradise for an instagrammer or anyone who appreciates taking pictures! Also, it’s a really fun place to let your hair loose and feel like a big kid again. As soon as I found out about the Color Factory I checked out their instagram account and was blown away by all of the colorful rooms and creative photos people took. I was excited and already planning potential looks in my head.

In the photo below I’m wearing a windbreaker I got as a gift last Christmas from my girlfriend. It’s from Forever 21! I’m also wearing a $2 beanie I bought while thrifting at Monk’s Vintage. Yes, you heard me, only two dollars! I was on a quest to find a neon beanie before going to the Color Factory. I knew it would be the perfect accent to my windbreaker that already has a mix of neon colors. I was even thinking about making a trip to Union Square to buy a beanie if I didn’t find this one. I was randomly walking from a doctor’s appointment a few days before and saw an orange neon beanie in Union Square but I didn’t want to travel all the way back to the city on a weekend for a beanie. I promise you I would have paid at least $8 or more if I had to go to the city which isn’t a lot but you can’t beat two dollars, ookuuurrr! I’m happy I stumbled upon this beanie in Brooklyn because it goes great with this jacket and this super cool hallway. I also avoided a trip to the city on a weekend which is always a plus in my book!


Another reason why I was super hype to go to the Color Factory was because I saw a room with a blue ball pit which immediately caught my attention! Who remembers jumping into that sweaty, smelly, germ filled ball pit at Chuck E. Cheese as a kid? Raises hand ME TOO! I probably have way too many childhood memories there. I would dive head first into that ball pit like a wild child every time. I would then proceed to bury myself in the pit and struggle to get out just to repeat the process over and over again. I have no idea why ball pits were so much fun, but they were! Knowing there was a ball pit room at the Color Factory brought back instant nostalgia. The opportunity to relive a childhood memory was something I was looking forward to! I also decided I wasn’t going to let the idea of germs get to me because I just wanted to take in the experience.

Since I was going to the Color Factory I wanted to turn it up a notch and add a lot of color to my outfit. I mean it is the “color” factory so I wanted to be as colorful as possible but still keep it cute of course. I looked through my closet and totally forgot that last winter I donated half of my wardrobe so I didn’t have a lot to work with. I was like wait, that’s it? Where is everything?! I’m glad I was able to purge last year because I now have more room for new things. I came to the conclusion that planning an outfit for the Color Factory was the perfect excuse to go thrifting! I can seriously make up any reason to go thrifting but this one seemed valid AF!

I know I sound like a broken record but pastel pink is still and probably for a long time will be my favorite color. It’s a color that looks good all year round for all seasons and I feel pretty damn fly in it! I knew I wanted to wear an accent of pink somewhere in my outfit but an accent of pink turned into a complete outfit of pink. OOPS! I have to say, this was and is the most color I’ve worn all year. It also comes to show you how many pink items I’ve collected throughout the year since declaring pink as my favorite color. I just can’t stay away from it! Whenever I’m shopping I feel like cute pastel pink clothes just so happen to be my size, they jump out at me and catch my attention. I would say this is definitely a good problem to have! lol

I found the pink hoodie at the Buffalo Exchange in Williamsburg. What stood out to me about this hoodie is the short waist. Most hoodies bulk up at the bottom which I can’t stand especially because I’m short. There’s nothing worse than adding bulky fabric to your waist area when you’re already short. It’s not flattering and it makes you look wider than you are. This hoodie is free flowing and looks great with layers. It’s a zip-up hoodie with a fluffy texture that screams cozy and perfect for the start of fall. It also lowkey gives off Camron vibes! haha!!

I paired the hoodie with a white t-shirt, my pink ASOS skinny chinos, tan socks and my light pink vans. All of the rooms happened to compliment my pink outfit so I definitely felt like I chose the perfect outfit for the day!

I was lucky enough to visit the Color Factory with my girlfriend who captured all of these amazing shots of me. Don’t have anyone to go with? No problem! What’s super cool about the Color Factory is that you can go alone and STILL get amazing shots of yourself.

Before you go into the rooms, they ask you to fill out basic information that includes your email address. You then wave your card in front of the computer and the information you filled out automatically adds to your card. Your card is super important and you want to make sure you keep it handy so you can take advantage of all of the cool photo opportunities throughout the various rooms. In most of the rooms there’s a high quality camera set up high and low and all you have to do is scan your card. The timer begins a countdown so you have time to prepare a pose for your pic. Once the picture is taken it’s automatically emailed to your email address. I’m so glad they have this countdown feature because it always takes me a minute to get situated. I think they give you about 5-10 seconds, more or less which is more than enough time. If you don’t get that money shot on the first try you can scan your card again and again until you do! In the photos above, the table was able to spin and there was a camera on the ceiling to capture a GIF. There was a couple in there who I kid you not, created about 30 GIFS back to back. They were unbothered by the groups of people waiting for their turn. So yes, you can take your time but obviously be mindful of others too haha!

Another reason why this camera feature was so great? We didn’t have to worry about bugging anyone to take photos of us together. Here are some photos that were taken by the cameras set up at the Color Factory! Doesn’t it look like a person could have taken them or maybe even a drone?

Overall, the Color Factory was a good time! I really liked that no one was rushing us to go from room to room and you could see the time and effort that was put into each room. The rooms were beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. I feel like we got our money’s worth, reading everything, tasting treats, learning new things, being present and having fun.

Have you ever been to a collaborative interactive exhibit before? If so, where was it and what was your favorite part about it? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!