Pastel Pink

So let's talk about my new favorite color...pastel pink.

So let's be clear...I never thought I would voluntarily wear pink without being forced to wear it. When I was younger my mom dressed me in super feminine attire. I was basically her human doll and she did the absolute most on Sundays for church, especially Easter Sundays. I'm talking dresses, ruffled socks, hair name it. A lot of these items were pink. I love my mother, but she definitely enjoyed that phase of my life a little too much lol.

Even though I had a tie dye phase, pink was never really a color I paid attention to. I've never experimented with pastel colors before but I like trying new colors when I'm in the mood for it. I randomly bought a pink t-shirt in SOHO one day after brunch and thought it was something I could work with. I felt like the color complimented my style and now I'm really drawn to it when I'm shopping. Trust me, you'll see me wearing pink a lot more in the future!

The pink accent that I'm wearing is a pastel pink beanie from Asos. It's currently out of stock but here's a similar beanie I found in mink that's in stock for a similar look here. It's super soft and just what you need to stay warm and add an extra pop of color to your outfit in the colder months. My hunter green longline jack is also from Asos. I couldn't find a link since I bought it a few years ago but here's something similar from Forever 21. Is it just me or am I the only one who's obsessed with Asos? They literally have everything I want to wear in the men's section and they're very good with staying up to date on what's hot in fashion. I'm guilty for browsing the website a little too long, adding things to my cart and comparing what I need/don't need in my closet to see what will go with what. I might even be doing this right now! My shoes are from Asos as well -- I love me a Chelsea Boot. It's basically my favorite shoe when I want to dress up a casual outfit or dress up in general. It's important to have a variety of shoes. Since my shoes are no longer on their website, here's a similar look on Dr. Marten's website. I love these shoes because they have a corkscrew bottom which I thought was super unique. I promise this post wasn't supposed to be about everything I own from Asos but hey, it just worked out that way. You'll probably see me reference Asos a lot here. It's just a great website! Two things I'm wearing that aren't from Asos are the camo button down that I got from Buffalo Exchange and the black drop crotch pants I made myself.

What's your favorite color to wear or a color you think compliments you well? 

Leave your comments below!