Light Colors

My first blog post! Ahh..where do I begin? Hello! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

Just to give you a little background on my style and how far I've come. I used to wear a lot of bright colors, I mean extremely bright! I wore my hair in a huge afro and tie dye shirts were my favorite thing to wear. Cheers to everyone who remembers this period of my life. It was my style back then and I feel like I rocked the hell out of it! Maybe I'll post some #TBT pics later down the road, but until then just take my word for it. This tie dye phase lasted for a good minute and then I did a complete 180 and went very dark, wearing mainly black and grey. I feel like I wore loud colors for so long that I needed to tone it down a bit. I really like to change up my style. What I really enjoy about clothing is that it can represent who you are and how you want to appear in the world. My previous choices in clothing represented who I was at the time but now I'm starting to  fall in love with colors again, in a new way. I'm even wearing colors I've never had in my wardrobe before like neutral colors. 

I've always wanted to wear neutral colors but I'm guilty of being a messy eater so I've learned to stay away from light color palattes because I'm super afraid of messing it up with food or somehow not being able to keep it clean. Is it just me or do you always feel like if you're wearing light colored clothing you instantly attract messy disasters? I'm guilty of having a crisp white shirt on, eating something, missing my plate and boom it lands right on my shirt. Yes, there are plenty of ways to easily get stains out of clothes including my handy dandy Tide To-Go pen that I just got hip to a few months ago, but I've noticed light/white colors lose their crisp fresh look after so many washes. I'm a work in progress but I'm learning to not miss my mouth as much as I used to when I eat and to be more cautious so I can stop ruining my clothes.

Here's an outfit I put together last weekend and I didn't drop any food on it the entire day either! My gold frames are from Korea, I found them on Amazon. I couldn't find the exact pair but these are pretty close. I love love round clear glasses with a gold frame. I've been asked plenty of times if these are prescription glasses but they're not. Strictly an accessory I love to wear almost every day. I was definitely one of those kids who always thought glasses were cool and always wanted to wear them. Now look at me! I wear them so often I forget they're an accessory because I feel better with them on. 

My wooden tunnels are from Amazon as well. My ears are 7/8 inch in case you were curious. I still think they're pretty small but I'll take a break on sizing up.....for now!

My ribbed light tan sweater is from Forever 21 Men's. I like to layer my sweaters underneath with a t-shirt for comfort and warmth especially in the winter. I found the dark tan undershirt at a Goodwill in Seattle a few years ago. It's super soft and doesn't cling to the hips, something that's super hard to find when you're a female with hips shopping in the "men's" section.

The pants I'm wearing I made myself. I started a pants company for drop crotch pants called 21.Daze. I'll reopen the store in the future but until then I'll share some of my designs I've handsewn for myself on this blog. 

It was pretty cold this day so I decided to throw on my new favorite denim jacket with a white faux fur interior from No Relation Vintage aka L Train Vintage in the East Village. I've been wanting a denim jacket like this for the longest but I always find denim jackets that are thin and only work as a summer jacket. When you have a thin denim jacket that you want to sport all year round when it starts to get cold your only option is to wear a hoodie underneath. That's cute when it's spring but when it's 20 degrees out the hoodie option under the denim jacket doesn't work for me, the faux fur keeps me super warm. You can tell in these pictures I'm pretty happy that I finally found my ideal denim jacket for the winter! My brother bought these shoes as a Christmas gift. They're the Adidas GSG9.3 Desert Low Tactical Boots. They're super comfortable and feel more like a sneaker than a boot. 

What's your favorite thing to wear in your closet? I'd love to hear.

Also, let me know what you think about this outfit I put together in the comments below!